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  • 28 Eylül 2014, Pazar 11:49

Mastitis:Milk malaria

Mastitis:Milk malaria
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Popularly known as milk malaria'in the treatment of mastitis in breastfeeding infants often said that it is important .

Trabzon news: Trabzon
Medical Park Hospital General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ahmet Akbas , gave important information about mastitis . Mastitis clogged milk ducts or indicating that a disease caused by microorganisms Op. Dr. Akbas , \"Maybe for mothers most disturbing is the case of breast inflammation. Fever, malaise , fatigue, breast pain, and rash like symptoms are . Mastitis Breastfeeding-breastfeeding every 20 mothers in one is seen. Infection usually nipple or the crack of the milk ducts towards the spread . breastfeeding mothers breast swelling of the mastitis may cause . among other reasons , breastfeeding through the chest sufficiently drained failure against disease, decreasing the resistance can be considered. Indeed, new moms most of excessive fatigue and stress and they fed enough can not . nipple of the sensitivity for the first birth mothers who mastitis slightly more frequent , however, this second, third birthday after be deemed not mean . mastitis most common period after birth from 10 to 28 . days is between \"he said .
breast from the whole milk ejection was inadequate, the reasons explaining the Op. Dr. Akbas said:
\"Breastfeeding prevalence is low . Especially mother for various reasons ( pain, fatigue , postpartum depression , mother's work , etc. ) often breastfeed (e) the nozzle. Nights does not wake up or irregular sleep because the baby's little absorption . Mzir in the order of change ( for example, a ride due ) because this may occur. Moreover the baby to the breast appropriate not to place the baby's illness and so on. reasons less absorption . inactive absorption, the baby's good settlement as a result of the breast only in a portion of the milk discharge , tight clothes or too tight bra or use the mother's breast lying on the milk ducts clogged to cause ; during breastfeeding mother's fingers pressures, shear motion, drooping chest subsections good emptying . mastitis, more than one in a condition that , but at the same time two in the chest, one does not develop. \"
such a when disturbances occur \"Just talk to your doctor \"cautioned the Akbas \"Probably antibiotic therapy will be initiated. In this case, if you are breastfeeding , your medication will not harm your baby , especially Clarify . Antibiotic effect soon , you will feel a significant relief . Breastfeeding during mastitis , is very painful . However, the need to heal as soon as possible , as well as discharging of the milk ducts become the new bottleneck and need to breastfeed your milk to be cut . Breastfeeding warm compresses a few minutes ago , to a certain extent reduce the pain you feel . If your baby is sucking inflamed your chest full disembark , or ewes due to feeling extreme pain if you do not have to empty your chest with a milk pump . You can give your baby any milk bottle . Current Do not ever forget , your chest to drain the well pump , personally baby is that , \"he said .
\"Mastitis own if left to proceed , and there are serious consequences , \"said Akbas \"The most common breast abscess is an intensive antibiotic treatment , perhaps surgery ways abscess must be drained . In this case, your baby can not absorb you . As is often the case , if detected early mastitis , a condition that is easily treated . Severe cases of mastitis before they reach ; For 1.5 or 2 liters of water a day , get rest , use creams recommended by a doctor , apply a hot compress . Never give up breastfeeding the baby , breastfeeding , use the pump if you feel very pains . If these measures can be compromised maternal and infant health . If the infection is drained enough will be open to the breast . So take precautions and to breastfeed golden rule \"he said .
Treatment most important part of the affected breast in milk evacuation is stating Op. Akbas , \"For this baby with frequent breastfeeding is recommended. Baby sucking breast massage can help to make the opening of the channel is clogged . Mom came in this thickened milk may notice that part . ( There is no danger of the baby swallowing it . ) Also in different positions in all regions of the breast milk of breast-feeding may help to drain . If not suck baby or the mother ewes milk using the pump should be drained . Most of the time will change the taste of inflammatory breast milk from the breast to the baby she does not want to suck . Mother severe symptoms ( fever, severe pain and tenderness , redness , etc. ) with a doctor's prescription antibiotics and pain relievers are used. Also in this case the mother should take care to get enough rest and nutrition , \"he said.

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